Good Shepherd

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Sid Galloway BS, M.Div. (Biograhical Information)
Just an OLD sheepdog
of our Good Shepherd Creator Christ

Ask the animals,
and they will teach you,
.. Which of all these
does not know
that the LORD's hand
has done this?
In His hand is the
soul (nephesh)
of every creature and the breath of all mankind"
Job 12:7-9

of your
Good Shepherd
Creator: Christ
Human Trafficking & Slavery
Don't Just Happen
(Jesus said in Mark 7:21-23)

Would a "good" God design
"survival of the fittest"
as His WAY?
(Isaiah 65:25)

Rights - Any discussion about human rights (slavery, oppression) or animal rights (cruelty, abuse) must first address our Creator's rights. He has the right to command how we treat both His people and His animals.

Scotty the Good Shepherd
Service Sheepdog

3 Videos Animal Friends * *
Otis ----- Zoe ---- River

Suzy service-dog genius
(more below)

Responsibilities - Jesus said the root cause of suffering in this world is a distorted view of and/or the rejection of the true WAY of our Creator. (John 8:1-59)


"Squirt" the Otter

Releasing rehabbed critters

Atchafalaya Swamp

Mistakes - Man's self-serving, misguided, mischaracterizations of God have historically led to personal and cultural conflict, corruption, and collapse.

Hope - Discovering the WHO?, the WHY?, and the "WAY"? of origins is the foundation for true transformation.

Mike's "service-frog"

Therapy Zorse & Zeedonk

Change - Truly lasting change for individuals and cultures must begin at the cornerstone - the Creator of creation.

Darwin's Self-image
by Mike Galloway

Formal"Boatie" - Lizaboa

"Then I looked again
at all the acts of oppression
which were being done
under the sun.
And behold I saw
the tears
of the oppressed
and that they had
no one to comfort them;
and on the side of their
oppressors was power,
but they had
no one to comfort them."
Ecclesiastes 4:1

Wild Rory - paralyzed by gun shot yet grateful
for loving care


L'l River raccoon


Candy-cane corn snake

Opossum Brothers:
Tom & Jerry

Brother Tom

Animal-Assisted GSI

Scotty my service dog
assistant :-)

Scotty doing his job well

God's living teddy-bears

Missing the old days

My Proverbs 31 wife
meeting my old girlfriend, elephant "Jean"

Old friends Jean & Panya meet my daughter

Jean meets her keeper's son

Mandy Clouded Leopard who saved me from suicide

My morning greeters
Akela & Rakshi
Back in the den they'd beg me to rub their heads
to start the day.

Shiva -my PTSD leopard
raised by humans, terrified of other leopards

Bratar:the cowardly lion

Rani: Bratar's sister :-(

Banu - my favorite comedian who loved to prank people

Candra, Banu's mom

Banu teasing Candra

Byomi asking for a treat

Ali the bitter black panther who learned love

Zoe: disabled squirrel
born with no tail / only 3 feet
- even more lovable

Scotty meets his first gator

Marriage in Christ

Suzy protecting her rescued puppy

Molly the semi-blind Opossum Lady

Little Blue
- transferred to Fed. rehab

Big Red
- gunshot wound

Baby Huey acting tough

Scotty's piggy

Rescuing Stubby
(see his Facebook page)

Audubon Zoo memories

Lizaboa Animal Assistant

David & elephant Panya

Mr. Galloway
Old Sheepdog

Russian Legless Lizard

Hawk - Barron
powerful talons

Otis - hit by car

Little River as a baby

Little River
working on the lock


























GSI - Good Shepherd Initiative - Homepage


see also Human Sheepdogs, Religious Persecution

"The LORD enters into judgment
against the elders and leaders of his people:
It is you who have ruined my vineyard;
the plunder from the poor is in your houses.
What do you mean by crushing my people
and grinding the faces of the poor?'
declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty."
Isaiah 3:14-15


- Politics Blocks Human Trafficking Bill "Democrat Senators blocked an anti-human trafficking bill because it doesn’t publicly fund abortions."

Our Persecuted Family
Modern Martyrs
Paying the Ultimate Price

Have you forgotten?

Can you see their faces?

Can you feel their suffering?

Have you shut your ears to their cries?

What are you doing to help them, to rescue them?

Will it only matter when it's you in the arena?

"By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us.
And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
But whoever has this world's goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?
My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. And by this we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him."
1 John 3:16-19

Our Father in Heaven has chosen to allow "Christian" America to be blessed materially beyond most other countries. Why do you think He did this? Just for us? Or could it be that He wants us to show the world His nature by sacrificially sharing our excess with those who need?

Have you ever stopped to think of how much we American Christians spend on ourselves? I've caught myself sometimes going to the store not to get what I need, but to indulge in what the Lord would call covetousness. Please, next time you go to Stuff-Mart or Pleasure Depot just look around at the swarm of people filling their baskets with non-essential goodies. Yes, I know, too often it's me that goes into the store for one item and comes out with half a basket full. But I'm learning and growing - hopefully like Father like son. Remember, sometimes it might be you. The temptation to please self is powerful, so we need one another to provoke each other to sacrificial action. Accountability and discipline are rare dimensions in our Western churches. But we must learn to © L.E.A.D. one another to restoration and real maturity in Christ, by [Loving, Equipping, Accountability, Discipline].

I remember taking a family trip to Mexico as a little boy and being shocked at the poverty of the "people" in the village, compared to the gold and glitter of the cathedral that stood in its center.  Now I wonder if the current use of the blessings God has given to us as American Christians could be a stumbling block to the suffering church around the world, or even the impoverished inner-city church around the corner.

Is it impossible to train our children to want to be a part of church with a heart motive to fight the good fight, instead of just being content to either sit in a pew or be entertained? What kind of adult Christians do we produce when they grow up inadvertently expecting their church's primary role to be to serve as their source of recreation.

Please understand, I'm not implying that we should live in sack cloth and ashes, but simply that our Father expects His ekklesia to gather for a different (holy) reason. This is war, not vacation! One day we will meet our precious, persecuted little brothers and sisters in our Father's house, and then what will we say? How does this sound, "Sorry, I was too busy trying to organize all my stuff."? Wouldn't it be wonderful if instead of that, many of them ran up to us saying, "Thank you for sending that money to rescue me from the hands of the torturers!"? Or "Thank you for skipping a lot of those fancy restaurant dinners, and using the money to send us copies of our Father's Word!"

Please pray about it.
Please act on it.
Please let the Lord Jesus live His sacrificial love through you, your family, and your church - for them and for Him.

Please don't wait until its too late! 

Then I looked again at all the acts of oppression
which were being done under the sun.
And behold I saw the tears of the oppressed
and that they had no one to comfort them;
and on the side of their oppressors was power,
but they had no one to comfort them.
Ecclesiastes 4:1


Throughout History (His-story): Genuine, Christ-following Christians have been enslaved, persecuted, tortured, and killed by pseudo-Christians throughout history. Beware of the tendency of anti-Christians to use pseudo-Christian examples to misrepresent "Christianity".

Foxes Book of Martyrs (a classic historical survey)

REAL CHRISTIANITY, by William Wilberforce, possibly the single most powerful influence in stopping the transatlantic, African slave trade.

"Just in time for the release of Amazing Grace, the movie about the life of William Wilberforce, is this edition of his classic book from 1797, Real Christianity, paraphrased in modern language and made more accessible to contemporary readers. This is the book that helped abolish the slave trade in the United Kingdom, and called Christians to live a more authentic life of faith more than 200 years ago.

The timeless truths it contains will speak to readers in fresh ways today. Christians who eschew cultural Christianity in favor of a real faith in Christ will find the principles here thought-provoking and applicable. The social justice orientation will appeal to readers of Jim Wallis, Os Guinness, Charles Colson, Shane Claiborne, John Perkins, Bono, and Nancy Pearcy. Readers will also find the book is a good litmus test of the authenticity of their own faith."

THE PILGRIM CHURCH: Tracing the pathway of the forgotten saints from Pentecost to the Twentieth Century.

"It ought to be obvious to even the casual observer of history that the real story of the church is not the one recorded in secular history. This classic work by E. H. Broadbent demonstrates that the true heart of this amazing drama is not even recorded in church history books.  This is the saga of those intrepid believers, "of whom the world was not worthy", who not only were persecuted by civil authorities, but were denounced, defamed, and decimated by the professing church. Who were the Waldensians? The Lollards? The Stundists? The Anabaptists? These names were given by their enemies to those who claimed only the name of Christ, and who were prepared to suffer for His cause rather than submit to those man-made traditions that they believed contradicted the Word of God. 
Written in an engaging style, the author will thrill your heart with the stories of unknown heroes of the faith. It will spur you on to greater devotion to the Lord Jesus and a deeper concern for His suffering people in many countries today"

* See the US Gov't, Trafficking in Persons Report 2009
* Too often, politicians only make reports not changes.

"A Global Report on Trafficking in Persons launched today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) provides new information on a crime that shames us all."
[The report indicates a 3 Billion Dollar industry of human slavery]

Based on data gathered from 155 countries, it offers the first global assessment of the scope of human trafficking and what is being done to fight it. It includes: an overview of trafficking patterns; legal steps taken in response; and country-specific information on reported cases of trafficking in persons, victims, and prosecutions.

At the launch of the Report in New York, the Executive Director of UNODC, Antonio Maria Costa said that "many governments are still in denial. There is even neglect when it comes to either reporting on, or prosecuting cases of human trafficking". He pointed to the fact that while the number of convictions for human trafficking is increasing, two out of every five countries covered by the UNODC Report had not recorded a single conviction.

According to the Report, the most common form of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls. Surprisingly, in 30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women make up the largest proportion of traffickers. In some parts of the world, women trafficking women is the norm.

The second most common form of human trafficking is forced labor (18%), although this may be a misrepresentation because forced labor is less frequently detected and reported than trafficking for sexual exploitation."

[Click here for common signs of a victim of Human Trafficking]

RENTING LACY: A Story of America's Prostituted Children
by Representative Linda Smith

"Linda's tenacity and advocacy for those who are trapped in these situations has already roused many to action, but this book will awaken far more...Some will be shocked. Some will be outraged. Some will be saddened. My hope is that all will be spurred to action."

-Ernie Allen, President and CEO
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

- New Book by Tom Davis, PRICELESS: A NOVEL ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. Tom's ministry, Hope Chest, works on behalf of orphans and widows across the world, focusing on African and Eastern Europe. This novel, based on real life issues, takes you personally experientially into the desperate lives, fears, hope, and needs of the most vulnerable of the world's children.

- also by Tom Davis - Book, FIELDS OF THE FATHERLESS: Discover the Joy of Compassionate Living, by Tom Davis. An expose of the global problem of child oppression, abuse, and trafficking at the hands of predatory adults, and tolerated or ignored by those in political power.

See also, NOT FOR SALE: The Return of the Global Slave Trade - and How We Can Fight It, by David Batstone.

THE SLAVE NEXT DOOR: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today, by Kevin Bales & Ron Soodalter.

Description from Publishers Weekly:

"Although most people imagine widespread enslavement only in the historical past, human trafficking continues to exist today in myriad forms around the world. In this informative call to action, Bales (Disposable People), sociologist and president of Free the Slaves, and Soodalter (Hanging Captain Gordon), a historian, document routine coercive slave labor in domestic service, prostitution, farm labor, factories, light industry, prisons and mining operations. While many sensational cases have been well publicized, the authors demonstrate that slavery exists in mundane and unexpected forms. Their case studies begin in an American suburb and traverse the globe to urban China and rural Ghana, returning to Los Angeles, Calif., and East Orange, N.J., just a few of 100-plus documented cases in the U.S. The second half of the book focuses on causes and solutions, with a helpful emphasis on how ordinary individuals can recognize and report coercive situations, creating a humane and helpful primer on how to sever the links that create and hide human bondage."

* GSI Caution: This book is excellent, however, the authors fail to present the massive quantity and quality of positive work done by Christ-centered churches and organizations for the past 2,000 years. The authors rightly highlight how predatory wolves in sheep's clothing, pretending to represent Christianity, have infiltrated church groups to abuse the weak and vulnerable, and the sad fact that many others in the "church" have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to abuses. Wrongly, the authors have neglected to present the facts regarding the billions of Christian dollars and thousands of Christian lives invested over the centuries to free the oppressed and enslaved. From William Wilberforce, to those who risked their lives for victims of the Nazis death camps, to the millions of Christ followers today who are directly involved in the work of abolition, no group on earth has done more to help the weak and vulnerable. Why? It's because of gratitude for what the Forgiver did for us through Christ on the Cross.

ANTI-SEMITISM - Historically Unique

The following is an excellent (urgent) and scholarly article from YIISA:
Global Antisemitism: Assault on Human Rights
by Irwin Cotler, Member of Canadian Parliament
Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Professor of Law, McGill University